Mevo+ Face Impact Location for Pro Package Add-On

The FlightScope 2023 Mevo+ is an affordable golf launch monitor Ideal for indoor and outdoor use. The 2023 monitor includes an upgraded kickstand to improve accuracy, a 3-hour battery life, and ownership of FlightScope E6 Connect Bundle with six simulated golf courses is included with the new iOS AND PC software.

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Mevo+ Face Impact Location for Pro Package Pre-Order

You must have the Mevo+ Pro Package. Estimated release date: early February 2023.

Now available, FlightScope offers Club Face Impact Location as an upgrade purchase option for all Mevo+ owners. You must own the pro package and there will be a one-time fee of $449 for Mevo+ owners to buy the upgrade from 1/24/2023 through 1/29/2023. Thereafter, the price will be $499 per code. This upgrade will be issued with a unique license code in mid-February, to allow FlightScope to update the APP to provide the feature.






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